CHF Mechanical Philadelphia HVAC System Winterizing TipsIt’s that time of the year again! You feel the slight cold in the air, the holidays are approaching, this can only mean one thing: it is time to turn your heating unit to the permanent ON position. But, before you do your HVAC system needs a little TLC before it is forgotten until spring. Winterizing your HVAC ensures you’re comfortable all winter long and you’re A/C unit is ready once warmer weather comes again. CHF Mechanical, a professional Philadelphia HVAC Contractor company, has highlighted our top 5 tips to winterizing your HVAC unit. Follow these steps to save on your electric bill and ensure your system is in top shape no matter the season.


Cut your Central A/C power supply. Before cleaning and winterizing your HVAC unit, you’ll want to temporarily shut off the power to prevent electrocution or damage to the unit.

Clean & cover outdoor AC unit. Leaves, twigs and general debris get lodged inside the A/C unit fairly easily. These items can cause damage when you turn your unit back on come summer. Be sure to remove the debris and cut back any plants or bushes growing too close to the unit.

Change air filters & clean your vents. Accumulated dust and dirt inside your HVAC filtering unit is one of the most common causes of a system breakdown. It is recommended to check and change your filters every 30 days and clean your vents every 90 days. Dust buildup can lead to inefficient airflow and poor ventilation.CHF Mechanical Winterizing HVAC System Guidelines

Turn your furnace on at least 3 times before winter arrives. Don’t wait until winter arrives to discover there is a problem with your HVAC. To test your system, set your thermostat to your home’s preferred winter temperature and verify the house reaches it before turning it off. If it doesn’t, call a professional HVAC Company to come out and fix the system before the frigid temperatures arrive.

Schedule a maintenance appointment. The best time for an HVAC maintenance check is during the spring and fall, as the system is needed the least. Scheduling bi-annual appointments with an HVAC technician ensures any problems are discovered & fixed before the system is needed.

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