CHF Mechanical HVAC Snowstorm Tips for Maximum EfficiencyWinters in the Philadelphia area are known for blistering cold temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns that can bring several feet of snow at any given time. It is vital that your HVAC system is working properly to stay warm while there is a blizzard coming down outside. Although we know how important it is to maintain your heating & cooling system all year long, it is especially important right before the cold & snowy winter season hits the area. CHF Mechanical has highlighted the top HVAC snowstorm preparation tips to properly prepare your system.


Check the Vents: Vents obstructed by clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. will restrict the warm airflow throughout your home. Take a quick sweep and ensure all of your vents are clear. It is also a good idea to give them a good dusting for maximum airflow efficiency.

Replace the Filters: Since the temperatures are so low your HVAC system is running more, which will cause your filters to clog faster. You should replace your filters at the very beginning of the cold weather season and periodically throughout the winter, especially after a bad snowstorm.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate: Proper insulation is key to ensuring your home maintains the proper temperatures and to ensure you’re not losing money through drafty windows & doors. Start in your attic (because hot air rises) and thoroughly inspect the insulation in your rooms including windows, doors and all seals. If you feel air coming inside then take the necessary steps to seal up any leaks.

Invest in a Generator: When there is a snowstorm there’s always a chance the power can go out due to down wires and fallen trees. Investing in a residential backup generator allows you to keep your HVAC system, plus a few appliances & lights running to maintain comfort.

Install a Programmable Thermostat: For maximum energy efficiency, call a professional HVAC contractor to install a programmable thermostat which allows you to control the temperature in your home when you’re not there. If you’re leaving work early in anticipation of a snowstorm, you can increase the temperature from your phone so it is nice & warm when you arrive.

Schedule a Heating System Maintenance Inspection: The most important HVAC snowstorm tip we can provide is to remind you to schedule a heating maintenance inspection before the cold air arrives. A professional HVAC contractor will inspect the motor, electrical switches, belts & more to make any repairs before you’re left in the cold. Yearly tune-ups and inspections will save you money and headaches in the long run.

Heating & Cooling System Maintenance Tips

For more tips on how to keep your system running efficiently during the cold winter months, check out the best ways to winterize your HVAC system. CHF Mechanical serves Lower Bucks County PA, the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware County & Southern NJ with high quality and efficient HVAC maintenance, repair and installation services.