CHF Mechanical Pet Owner HVAC Maintenance TipsHaving a pet in your home is very rewarding, but also comes with many responsibilities. Besides the obvious daily feeding, fresh water and cleaning up after their messes, there are added tasks many homeowners might not realize. Between their fur and dander, a pet can impact your home’s HVAC system and indoor air quality. CHF Mechanical provides several easy pet HVAC maintenance tips homeowners should regularly follow to ensure your system works at the highest level of efficiency. These HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners will keep your unit in proper working order & help maintain clean air quality in your house.


Groom Pet Regularly: Monthly visits to your groomer will help to minimize shedding from your dog or cat. Hair and dander trapped in your filters guarantees your system has to work harder than necessary. If your pet is regularly bathed & groomed there will be less shedding, therefore less hair in your filter and your HVAC system will continue to run at maximum efficiency.

Clean Air Ducts & Vents: Pet hair and dander not only gets trapped in the HVAC filters, but also makes its way into the air ducts and vents, which then recirculates back into the home. Clogged air ducts are a breeding ground for moisture, dust mites and bacteria and must be cleaned regularly (even if you don’t have a pet). CHF Mechanical offers professional air duct cleaning services using the latest in technology from the best brand in the industry: Rotobrush.

Frequently Change Air Filters: The job of your air filters is to catch and trap small particles such as dust, dander and fur before they can get into your ductwork. If your dog or cats are frequent shedders, these filters should be changed every 30 days.

Add an Air Purification System: Air purification systems are not only a great option for pet owners, but also those who suffer from allergies. They work by drawing in air from the surrounding environments and removing orders, dirt, dander, etc.

CHF Mechanical Easy Pet HVAC System Maintenance TIpsFence off A/C Unit: While you’re dog pretty much has free range of the backyard, you don’t want them to get too close to you’re A/C unit. If your pup starts urinating on the unit it can cause very costly damage over time. Build a breathable enclosure around the unit for added protection.

Seasonal, Professional HVAC Inspection: Our most important pet HVAC maintenance tip is to have your entire system inspected at least once per year. A professional HVAC contractor will thoroughly check for cracks in your ductwork, outdated parts, leaks, etc. and ensure your system is working efficiently.

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