Installation of new ductwork

The HVAC technicians of CHF Mechanical are equipped with the experience, knowledge and proper certifications to handle all of your ductwork repair and air duct installation needs. The HVAC ductwork in your home or commercial property is responsible for transporting all hot and cold air circulation. If there is a crack or tear somewhere within the system you will notice inconsistent temperatures throughout the rooms. Furthermore, if your ductwork is old or outdated you could be wasting hundreds of dollars every month on your utility bills. Whether you are adding a new room to your home or want to upgrade the current system, call CHF Mechanical for superior HVAC duct installation in Lower Bucks County, PA.


The HVAC system in your residential or commercial building is one of the largest contributing factors to the cost of your energy bill. CHF Mechanical’s experienced technicians will design and install the proper energy-efficient ductwork system to meet your heating & cooling needs, while keeping the utility bill as low as possible. During our initial HVAC and air duct installation consultation, we’ll evaluate your current system and device a plan to flawlessly execute your new energy-efficient ductwork system. With many years of experience installing new ductwork, when we design a new system we take into consideration your home’s framework, sealing, placement, vent returns and more.

Air Duct Maintenance Services

While your ductwork is important to maintain a comfortable temperature all year long, it is also responsible for the quality of air. Pure, clean air is vital to the health and wellness of all members in your family and staff. Regular air duct cleaning ensures your air is free of dust, allergens and pollutants. CHF Mechanical proudly offers residential and commercial air duct cleaning services using the superior equipment from Rotobrush. For the best results in preventing low air quality and buildup in your ductwork, we recommend our professional cleaning service every two years. However, if you frequently suffer from allergies, yearly would be the better option. View our HVAC Maintenance savings plan options.

For the satisfaction and convenience of our residential & commercial clients, CHF Mechanical offers full warranties on all equipment. Our HVAC duct installation, repair and Rotobrush cleaning services are available throughout Lower Bucks County, PA, as well as the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware County PA and parts of Southern, NJ. Call 215-467-1377 to schedule a consultation and full evaluation of your ductwork and HVAC system.

Installation of new Ductwork